Glittery Gold and Mint

Mint is my favourite flavour.  I can eat mint ice cream, mint chocolate (After Eights are my fav and so is mint Kitkat), mint cupcakes, any spearmint flavoured gum and now there’s mint fashion…i’m beginning to think we as humans are starting to even incorporate food into our fashion!

I’ve compiled a sweet collage of mint, gold handmade jewelry pieces from Pearl Amour Jewels on Etsy (yes my shop!) and I also had to throw in a yummy mint cupcake made from Andes mints.  View and enjoy !mint collage

Mint Jersey dress

Gold hand bag

Andes Mint Cupcakes

Gold Brocade Flats



Pretty Color Bracelets and Bangles for Summer

I love bangles and bracelets.The more the better.

Bracelets are fun and can fill your jewelry box with color, luxury and sparkle. Check out some new and hot trending bangles for the summer.

I love love love these rhinestone crystal bangles.  Can’t pick a favourite so one of each colour please!


These bangles below are so different and unique…never seen anything like ’em. They are made from silk fabric hence the shine and pop of colour.  Some rhinestone charms hanging off of them would really spruce it up more but I sill like them.

My Favourite?  Too much pressure…give all of them to me!

Leather studded wrap bracelets and a rainbow of colours.  I can definitely say i like the baby pink the best. So pretty.

Simple and affordable braided friendship bracelets in a hue of unique colours for summer 2012!




Love Swarovski?  So do I !

This thin bracelet is made from midnight blue Swarovski beads and a brushed silver metal tube imbedded in between the beads.

These bracelets come in a rainbow of colours, from vibrant red to hot pink but I can tell you that my favourite colour is classic midnight blue.  Etsy is a vibrant, global online handmade market and this bracelet can be purchased there or one can custom order any Swarovski colour by following this link:

What’s your favourite colour?