Clipboard Wall

Don’t you hate when there’s paper lying around all over the house but they are important so you don’t know where to put it and don’t think it’s ready for the trash yet?

Clean and crisp Scandinavian home decor gives a modern appeal to fresh white walls and a place where you can put important notes, doodles and show off your favourite color of the season.  Pin anything from to do lists, bills, a mini calendar, kids art work, crafts and more.

emmas clipboard wall


image via Emmas Designblogg


Colour Lovers

Did you ever think you could design your own pattern and choose your own colour pallet and share it with the world?  And even better yet use that same colour pattern to create  your own fabric, clothing or piece of art?

Well I’ve discovered a great new site that allows you to do just that!  Colour Lovers is a fun way to release some creativity  and in my opinion de-stress especially after a hard days work.

On my first day I created 14 new colours and even got to name them.  When you discover a new colour, you get to name it and credit goes to you whenever anyone else uses this color.

You can also create endless colour pallets and name them.  When you create your own colour pallet, you get to name it and credit goes to you whenever anyone wants to use it to create a pattern.

You can also use other colour lovers patterns from the list provided and colour it up with a colour pallet you or others have created or create your own pattern.

So let me share some of my creations:







Pretty Embroidery Pattern

Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. This cute little embroidery pattern is designed and created by Sara on Mr.Handsomeface. The gradual hues from peach to purple makes for a pretty little hanging piece and she also offers a free pattern.