Red Wedding Inspiration for Spring 2013

Red Wedding gowns are classic, clean and timelessly elegant. Red is a traditional wedding color in China which symbolizes prosperity, love and joy. South Asian brides also wear gorgeously embroidered Red Langha’s that would make anyone feel like a princess.

Many designers such as Vera Wang, Oscar De la Renta and Ramona Keveza have introduced red wedding gowns for spring 2013 and let me tell you these red bridal gowns are stunning!

1. Red gown courtesy The

2 and 3. Table inspiration, red cake and cupcakes courtesy fusion

4. Cake courtesy Dessert

5. Red and White Wedding card courtesy Wedding

Would you wear a red wedding gown on your wedding?


Colour Lovers

Did you ever think you could design your own pattern and choose your own colour pallet and share it with the world?  And even better yet use that same colour pattern to create  your own fabric, clothing or piece of art?

Well I’ve discovered a great new site that allows you to do just that!  Colour Lovers is a fun way to release some creativity  and in my opinion de-stress especially after a hard days work.

On my first day I created 14 new colours and even got to name them.  When you discover a new colour, you get to name it and credit goes to you whenever anyone else uses this color.

You can also create endless colour pallets and name them.  When you create your own colour pallet, you get to name it and credit goes to you whenever anyone wants to use it to create a pattern.

You can also use other colour lovers patterns from the list provided and colour it up with a colour pallet you or others have created or create your own pattern.

So let me share some of my creations:







Pretty Embroidery Pattern

Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. This cute little embroidery pattern is designed and created by Sara on Mr.Handsomeface. The gradual hues from peach to purple makes for a pretty little hanging piece and she also offers a free pattern.

Summer in Neon

The 1980’s neon was like so ‘it’.  Almost anything and everything was neon and yes who ever wore neon was cool!  How can anyone not be able to get their hands on things such as highlighters, jelly shoes, neon sunglasses, jelly bracelets (i know i had a dozen of them!)

I took my boys shopping for some kid watches recently and they pounced for the neon green and neon turquoise.  At one point i thought, neon??? That was a thing of my past!  Of course I let them have them because they looked great on them.

Neon is big for the summer of 2012 from neon blue, neon green, neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink.  These colours are back as bright as the sun and people are loving them in a new yet modern way.

Check out some neon handmade crafts on the global handmade online shop on ETSY and shine like the sun!

‘Love Summer in Neon’ by PearlAmourJewels

Neon Yellow Zipper Clutch in…


I AM LOVED – 11×14 – childre…


Star Island Bangle – Designe…


Neon Lime green art print, c…


Neon letter O or Zero, photo…




Funky Colorful 80s Neon Lime…


Bright tags neon florecent c…


Long Feather Earrings – Neon…


Modern Umbrella Art Rainy Da…


Neon Yellow Wall Art


Cushion cover Geometric desi…


Kitchen decor food photo ora…


Tropical punch geo necklace …


Ampersand Screen Print – Neo…


SALE Trendy Fashion Neon Lem…


Treasury tool supported by threequickquestions

Pretty Color Bracelets and Bangles for Summer

I love bangles and bracelets.The more the better.

Bracelets are fun and can fill your jewelry box with color, luxury and sparkle. Check out some new and hot trending bangles for the summer.

I love love love these rhinestone crystal bangles.  Can’t pick a favourite so one of each colour please!


These bangles below are so different and unique…never seen anything like ’em. They are made from silk fabric hence the shine and pop of colour.  Some rhinestone charms hanging off of them would really spruce it up more but I sill like them.

My Favourite?  Too much pressure…give all of them to me!

Leather studded wrap bracelets and a rainbow of colours.  I can definitely say i like the baby pink the best. So pretty.

Simple and affordable braided friendship bracelets in a hue of unique colours for summer 2012!